Dieting And Bariatric Surgery Are No Solution To Obeseness And Obesity. How?

Obeseness and obesity are trigger factors as well as factors for many health problems of modern life and modern man. keep strict control on your diet and life style to avoid such complications of modern life .Prevention is always better than cure is time tested  gem advice of wise mem of history.

Strange are the ways of life and nature. There are people in the universe who are getting fat and obese in spite of resorting to all types of methods and techniques of weight reduction. In stead of loosing weight these people are gaining weight and flesh day by day.

Obesity is tarnishing their social image and reputation Obesity today ranks as a significant health challenge and studies show obesity to be a major cause of preventable mortality.. There is the second category of people that are getting thinner and thinner and they have no money to purchase foods essential to their survival. Poverty is taking the toll of human lives world wide. There are innumerable children in the third world who are under nourishment. They are suffering from mall nutritional and dieing of hunger and are having bone and Shelton deformities.

It has been now experimentally confirmed that most of the blood vascular and heart problems and diseases are born out of excess eating especially saturated fats in diets. Excess eating of fats together with lethargic life style devoid of any activity are mostly contributing to obeseness of most people. Atheroma, atherosclerosis, brain strokes, ischemic heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension directly owe their origin to excess eating of diet rich in fats and lipids. Languor, lack of exercises, lack of toiling, and lethargic life style of dullness and boredom adds fuel to the fire of obese people. The obese and fat people are many times more vulnerable to heart attacks, brain strokes and heart diseases than thin people. Consequent on deposits of fats in muscles and arteries the process of arterio sclerosis comes into play. Arterio sclerosis is a gradual process of thickening of arteries leading to degenerative diseases of heart, arteries and blood. The most probable cause of high blood pressure is arteriosclerosis. In the fair sex the obesity is causing many problems even more complex and dangerous than heart problems. Obesity is leading to infertility in many ways. In the developed world infertility is emerging as major problem and cause of infertility. Obeseness and obesity are becoming so common problems of affluent society

people that new and new bariatric surgery centers are mushrooming in big metropolitan cities and having good business.

When the people become aware of the deterioration of their health on account of obeseness, obesity and diet rich in fats, much irreparable harm had already been done. Obese people now getting anxious of the impending complication of obesity, start trying every method of weight loss from simple dieting to bariatric surgery. These make shifts of arrangements provide temporary relief, hope and some solution but these do not address the underlying main problem or propensity that is giving rise to obeseness and obesity

Anorexia and bulimia go hand in hand in many people. The spell of dieting is followed by over eating .There is a hormone called Ghrelin, produced by gastric cells. This hormone rises to high extent when the person is dieting or fasting. There is vicious cycle of fasting episodes followed by excess/ compulsive eating or overeating and in the long run it results into weight gain and obeseness. The bariatric clinicians recommend as final and definite step for people weighing 40kg above their ideal body weight. These people have BMI in the high range of 32 to 37 and even higher. If the BMI exceeds 40, than it is fit case of morbid obesity. The bariatricians think it safe heaven to resort to bariatric surgery for people who have tried everything from simple dieting to so called “weight reducing pills” and other methods of weight loss. Weight loss surgery called bariatric surgery carries many risks and complications. And even there is no guarantee that the obese person will not again weight gain after under going bariatric surgery.

Now the question arises naturally, what obese people should do to decrease their weight and fat. These people should not fall prey to pessimism. There is solution to these people in homoeopathy. Homoeopathy eradicates the inherent tendency that causes weight gain and obeseness .Even the morbid obesity is amenable to homoeopathy. While taking homoeo medicines proper care of diet should be taken. Person should not eat diet rich in saturated fats especially animal meat diet. Exercise and hard work is must for such a person. Much can be achieved by changing life style of lathargicity into activity, energism and activism to burn the excess fats.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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