Computer # Eye –strain & Headache And Herbal Medicine Ruta Graveolens

Many of the modern tech age eye problems like eye –strain, blurred vision, asthenopia amblyopia and headache due to constant and long continued exposure to computers screens can be solved with single dose of energy medicine Ruta 10m

Ruta is wonderful herb medicine.its curative powers are only liberated through potentisation or succussion it should never be used in crude or material form. Its main curative action centers around eye muscles.when eye muscles are fatigued due to constant exposure to reading or visual imagery than for eye strain caused by such causes it is wonderful medicine. It is solution to many

of the problems caused by constant exposure of eyes to anything and consequently diseases . Whatever the cause may be when there is eye stain this medicine must be taken to cure the condition.It is very good for the problems of tailors, students, computer users, watch repair mechanics and other such people who have to expose their eyes to something for long hours and consequently the headache or eye strain is especially useful for students who have to work on computer screen for hours and suffer from headache or eye strain. It is also beneficial to those people who work in and environment of artificial light. Its main action on eyes and eye muscles can be pinpointed like this

Eyes ache and feel strained from fine sewing, computer application, and reading particularly by gas or computer light.asthenopia and amblyopia from fine sewing and close application of eyes to

computers and their light.

It has been observed that some of the people who work in front of computers for long and continued hours get many problems pertaining to eyes such as: eye –strain, eye weakness, and eye –fatigue, supra orbital pain, eye ball aches, allergy of eyes in the form of itching and burning with redness of eyes .for such complaints caused by constant exposure and close applications of eyes to computers, this medicine is simply magic see its result yourself if you are suffering from such eye-strain and eye –allergy. If any skeptic and cynic is suffering from such trouble of eyes he or she should use this medicine and I am sure he will become ardent follower of homeopathy. One precaution must be exercised while using this herbal medicine and that is it should never be used in material or crude form. Plenty of such brands are available in the market. By taking such brands of this medicine do not blame homoeopathy that it is not working or useful.

How to take Ruta for eye- strain?

Take one drop of Ruta 10m and dissolve it in water and take it empty stomach. The action will start within few days but never repeat this medicine till whole action of medicine is exhausted or till reappearance of old symptoms.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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