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How to cure your chronic migraine with  single tiny dose of Theridion---the homoeopathic energy medicine prepared from orange spider.

Migraine pain or migraine headache is worst type of headache or neuralgic pain. The victims of migraines suffer from migraine pains and neuralgias for whole life. These pains generally occur in paroxysms. Migraines are generally one sided headaches of severe neuralgic pains. Some migraines are preceded by nausea and vomiting. Migraine attacks preceded by warning symptoms of nausea are worst kind of migraines. Generally the trigger factors for migraines are flash lights, bright colors, high beat music, flashing lights, and shrill

sounds. Scents and fragrances are also common trigger factors. Behind all these factors lies the patients’ strong susceptibility to various kinds of substances or chemicals.
If you are one of those unfortunates who have been suffering from migraine attacks of severe intensity and have spoiled all charm of life and living by taking heavy doses of pain killers to keep the attack at bay than I will suggest you to recourse to homoeopathic medicines from a genuine and expert homoeopath who has sound knowledge of homoeopathic materia medica. For the cure to be totally effective your mental and physical symptoms must match the remedy picture. Otherwise homoeopathic tinny pills will prove “placebo or water” as the skeptics call it.
I will suggest you one remedy that has demonstrated its curative value in migraine attacks and has been verified by number of times by the most genuine homeopaths. It is Theridion. Theridion belongs to spider group of medicines.. Theridion is spider of the orange tree. What characterizes this most valuable medicine for migraine attacks is its super sensitivity to environmental stimuli especially vibrations of sound and noise. This feature is most marked in all spider poisons. The legs of spiders have super sonic system of sensing and judging sound waves and vibrational waves inbuilt in their legs. It is gift of nature to spider world to safeguard them against impending dangers and threats. This quality of spiders nervous system when correctly applied to human sickness especially migraine pain with sensitivity to noise and sound than one can have wonderful results
The Theridion subject is of highly irritable and nervous temperament. He is extremely sensitive to all external impressions and vibrations belonging to five senses especially the ear organ The ears of subject are super sensitive to steps, striking noise and shrill sounds. He has to shut his ears with hands placed on them against all kinds of noises and sounds. The sensitivity to sound and noise is well marked in theridion constitution. He is very nervous and irritable His nerves are in fret and turmoil. The slightest disturbance of the environment
in the form of sound and noise irritates him. He can not bear the slightest noise. Due to this heightened sense of noise and sound he is always in hurry and activity. He is industrious like spiders never wasting his time in idol gossiping. His life pattern or life style is very fast, rapid and quick. He never sits or rests and is always on the run or feet. The modern life styles of quickness, nastiness, hurriedness and fastness with lot of sound pollution have produced many constitutions that fit the theridion constitution exactly. Highly sensitive nervous system, with strong sexual feelings, hyperactivity, passionatae mental make up with obsessive traits, strong fascination/ revulsion for dancing / colors/ sex/ romance characterize the personality of a typical theridion person. Hurriedness, hyperactivity, sexuality, marks the life style of such a person.
The noise or sound is the hallmark of theridion personality. Noise in any form is very irritating and troublesome to him or her. The waves and vibrations of sound and noise set a thrilling sensation in the body of the person, especially her teeth. He or she can not stand cold and hot things. These produce very irritating sensation in her teeth. The sharp shrill sounds pierce his body. He or she startles from the slightest noise. Even the sound of cough and sneezing at long distance can make his body shiver. So irritating are the noise and sound waves for his body. She has nausea from noise even. Nausea from noise is very striking and characteristic in theridion. The heightened sensitivity to sound and noise is displayed during migraine attack. The noise strikes the painful part of the person and she starts having nauseating feelings in stomach.
During the migraine attack the patient wishes sound proof room or place. Any motion aggravates his complaints especially migraine. He can not endure the slightest noise or motion during migraine attack. She lies motionless in bed with closed eyes during migraine attack. Even the blinking of eyes aggravates the headache. He strongly commands his family members not to enter his room during such attacks as even the noise of stepping causes pain and strikes the painful part of head.
The permanent solution of such severe migraine lies in not taking pain killing drugs and other sedatives but in one dose of theridion. Such a victim of migraine should take one dose of theridion 1M empty stomach. Here is word of caution. The second dose of Theridion should not be repeated unless all the old symptoms of migraine reappear or resurface

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professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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