How The Disposition Of The Pregnant Mother Is Precursor/determinant Of The Psychology Of The Unborn Child?

The hereditary constitution of child is determined at the time of conception/fertilization but the disposition (positive emotions or negative emotions) of mother during pregnancy also transports its mental components to the unborn child during metamorphosis of child. Positive thinking with healthy emotions nurtures a healthier and smiling child during pregnancy. The opposite of this statement is truer. So disposition of pregnant mother is truly precursor of the mental state of her unborn child

Is there exists any link or co relation between disposition of mother during pregnancy and her child born there after? It is now known fact that

hereditary flux in the form of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) of the parents goes to the infant at the time of conception. Sperm and ovum are haploid cells. One strand of DNA comes from mother side and other from father side. After fertilization, the diploidacy of cell is restored. This is called the semi conservative nature of DNA. Single diploid cell contains all hereditary material and traits of parents. During pregnancy period the infant takes its nourishment through the medium of umbilical chord. The infant not only takes oxygen, blood, nourishment and nutrition through umbilical chord; but also takes the thought process, altered perceptions, feelings, delusions, mentality and disposition of the mother similar to the feed process through umbilical chord. The umbilical chord serves as the foundation stone for the future psychology of the child. Immediately after birth the child during few years of development will show the elements in his behavior reminiscent of the motherly deposition during pregnancy. For the true comprehension of child psychology during earlier periods of development we will have to take stock of the motherly state during pregnancy. The main psychological elements or components that are expressive of the motherly state during pregnancy and behavioral state of child in their early childhood may be enumerated as under
Anger /Violence / rage and remorse fulness
Anxiety and anxious state of mind
Allergic state of mind
All these compositional elements will mould the psychology of the infant and future child development. In my medical practice of thirty years I have verified this psychological fact many times.

Collective unconscious folk mentality’s social beliefs

Even the common folk mentality knows these co relations very well between the temperament of the mother and infant, flourishing and nourishing in the womb of the mother. There is social custom and tradition in India to keep photos of healthy and smiling babies hanging on the walls of the room or in house during pregnancy so that mother can view these well. It is their belief and perception that happy, exhilarated and smiling state of the mother determines the state of child during pregnancy. Truly, the collective unconscious wisdom of old races and communities speaks of the psychological facts through the medium of images, symbols, and metaphors. Archetypal imagery and symbolism is very interesting subject to study and to know the working of the folk mind. Mother father child are great archetypal figures and symbols of immense value since antiquity. The elements of collective unconscious of ancients are buried deep and hidden in imagery and symbolism. The fifth guru of Sikhs, shri guru Arjan devji when speaks “when I explored the treasure house of my ancestors (father and grand fathers); than my mind was delighted and exhilarated”. Than in a way guru Arjan dev ji is referring to the collective unconscious of his Sikh community. Really the collective unconscious is the treasure house of a nation or community or whole humanity’s wisdom. The more we will endeavor to dive and dig deep into it the more diamonds of wisdom and intellect we will get out of it.

A pregnant woman’s feelings thoughts i.e. her emotional mental state has a physical connection to the unborn child. Everything the mother feels and thinks and perceives is communicated to her unborn child through neurohormones to her unborn child via umbilical chord. It is as sure as the effect of alcohol, nicotine and other psychotic drugs (LSD) taken by the pregnant mother on the mental state of the unborn child. When the pregnant mother consequent upon some social situation

becomes anxious, fearful, and apprehensive and stressed, the hormones released into her bloodstream to counter the anxiety attack cross through placenta to the baby. It has been confirmed by biological researches that the chemicals released by hormonal glands from the mother’s body are transported to the unborn baby through placenta and umbilical chord.


Many instances can be incited of the state of mother during pregnancy telling upon the future disposition of the infant. I have seen personally that that the elements of apprehension, irritability, anger and rage are very strong in determining the future state of the baby. On account of prevailing social milieu in India, some mothers become very apprehensive during pregnancy. Apprehensiveness is state of mind of the anticipated fears, mishaps, happenings and anxieties. The mother constantly apprehends trouble to her or her baby. His terror state is sometimes born out of some terror social situations
Some unknown entity may be demon., rascal, extremist; mother in law constantly goes on hammering and haunting his psyche in a terrifying manner. She is obsessed with this type of figure and can not get rid of this in her mind. Even she starts dreaming of these figures and starts out of sleep with terror on her face with heavy jerks. Sometimes she starts shrieking during these panic attacks. She never shares this mental condition with any of her family members. Apprehensions and vague anticipated fears haunt the victim endlessly and in exaggerated manner. She is driven to despair and depression, by these apprehensive attacks. She becomes so apprehensive that she can not live alone in the house nor sleep without some company. Fear of being alone is greatly intensified. She constantly comprehends trouble that something terrible and horrible will happen to him or her baby. Fear of misfortune overwhelms her. She feels as if some sword is hanging on her head. Some mothers develop severe strong repulsions to strong light during pregnancy in the room. Even the common bulb light of the room irritates them a lot and they can not bear it. They always sleep in the darkened room. The contrary situation may also erupt during the pregnancy having strong desire for light. Some mother in laws has very daunting nature always daunting and teasing the wives of their sons. In the parlance of Indian social milieu the mother in law is a big element that can trigger such an apprehensive and fearful state of mind. The behavior of some of mother in laws is very unfair and cruel towards his daughter in laws. They might be suffering from schizophrenic type disorder of mind for such behavior, but they never take medicines for such a behavioral mental disorder. Unwanted pregnancy due to failure of safe techniques of anti pregnancy, which the mother wants to terminate but oppositions of mother in law or husband, does not allow doing so. This dichotomist and contradictory sate of mind of the mother is also going to tell upon the mental health of the child. Sometimes the mothers, vulnerable to psychotics, the pregnant mother sees the disfiguring of face of a child in a news paper or on some television channel or on internet. The distorted image of child is so fixed in her mind that she can not dispel it. She starts thinking her child will also be disfigured and deformed. No assurance from gynecologist would help her to allay her fears and anxiety.
The inborn infant exactly develops the state of the mother through which she has passed during full term of pregnancy. So it is extremely necessary to comprehend the state of the mother during pregnancy while prescribing to children. The predominant state of mother is extremely helpful to arrive at the exact similimum of the child. The medicine which needed the pregnant mother during pregnancy for her psychotic ailments becomes the medicine of her child for the state of child.

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