How To Mold The Psychology Of Child For Successful And Worry Free Life?

We as a parent should mould the personality of child in such a way that he or she without surrendering to coercion, pressure, and suppression becomes adaptable to circumstances.

We as a parent should mould the personality of child in such a way that he or she without surrendering to coercion, pressure, and suppression becomes adaptable to circumstances.
Terror, fear and child abuse are some of the social situations that obliterate the delicate mind of child. These threatening and suppressive childhood memories and reminiscences come into the child mind in disguised form and in symbolic form of snakes, demons, dogs, and other chasing ugly processes. Many of the psychosis of mind are nothing but horrible incidents experienced by child hood mind.

Child psychology is one of the branches of psychology

dealing with child behavior and mind actions of child. . This particular branch of psychology focuses on the mind and behavior of children from prenatal development through adolescence, mainly addressing to the childhood problems and their solutions. Child psychology deals with physical, emotional, mental and social well being and development of child .It is the all round study of different aspects of child life

We as parents are to mould the child psychology not simply influence it. Molding and influencing are two different processes. Moulding is the part and parcel of the internal composition of the child mind Moulding is making it adaptable to environmental effects in most positive and healthy way. Adaptability to change is great quality of mind that makes one fit and able to survive in adverse situations and contrary environments. Someone may confuse adaptability with opportunism. Opportunism is not adaptability it is naked selfishness and ego orientation. The opportunist may never adapt to changing circumstances .We are to make the child learn how to adapt to changing scenario and environments? Influencing is outside temporary process and is short lived. Moulding is internal the influencing is external.
The child has very delicate and manageable psychology. Every child has its own peculiar traits of his/her psychology which are not only different from others but sometimes in direct contrast with other children. Unlike the complex and contradictory adult mind, the child mind is open, guileless, all embracing, volatile and very impressionistric.or impressionable .we can mould and tame it like potters clay or like a puppy. Baring hereditary factors and characters we can mould the child psychology the way we wish. We can mould the psychology in a specific way. The primary need to fulfill that is that, firstly, we must have sound knowledge of psychology and its working principles. Psychology in a way is study of the behavior and human mind, Human mind’s reactions differently to different situation. Men are different not because of height or shape or physical features like shape color and texture of skin but the mental traits or metal peculiarities. To mould the child psychology the first step in direction is that first of all we must learn by observation the main broad mental make up of the child or its tendencies. Every child has some born tendencies and characteristic by birth. Some children are very intelligent, sober, well behaved, brave, affectionate, lovable innocent and hard working. The other types are obstinate, stubborn, self willed, destructive, violent, timid, and aggressive type. The first strategy to mould the child psychology should be to demarcate the outlines or fundamental traits of child psychology.

The first lession in molding the psychology of the child is not to use any coercive, cruel and aggressive type methods. All these punitive methods factors prove counter productive in the long run and rather mould it negatively. These methods or techniques seems to work in the most impressive way in the short term but in the log run these have derogatory and injurious effects on the personality of the child .

These punitive methods are antipathic and suppressive in nature. If the child is of spoilt and aggressive type, even than we should not employ these harsh and coercive means. If we deliberately employ these means to mould the child life than it amply shows that we are ignorant of fundaments lessons of child psychology. We should know that the child psychology or his mind is very impressionable to external events and impression. These suppressive and punitive means leave an indelible impression on the psyche of child. In this way the negative emotions become dominant in child life and psyche. To create fear and terror in the child mind to mould his ways plays negatively. These negative emotions are so powerful and impulsive in nature that these are buried deep in the unconscious of child

mind. When outside censors are broken or become loose these negative emotions find their way in to conscious mind of the child in sleep during dreams. The sleepwalking called somnambulism, bet wetting. , and night terrors and jerking and jumping during sleep are the direct outcome of the suppressive means employed by parents to mould awkward and aggressive the behavior their children. Even the epileptic seizures have their origin in suppressed psychology of child
The child hood memories and reminiscences profoundly affect the psyche of the child. Sometimes these haunt the child psychology for whole life in the form of delusions of demons, evil spirits and chasing animals. The child awakes in sleep shrieking and calling for help. These night terrors are nothing but the childhood impressions of terror. These unwanted and suppressed recollections of childhood surface in sleep in the disguised form of demons and other horror objects which terrify the child in sleep. He is so terrified that he starts trembling and shaking bathed in cold perspiration. He feels as if there is heavy load of wood on his chest and in spite of his best efforts he can not lift is up se he shrieks in loud voice as if he may die soon. In psychological terms this crippling event of muscles is called catalepsy. Its origin can be traced in child hood recollections of terror and suppression.

Besides childhood fears and terrors one more suppressive measure that affects the child psychology throughout her or his life is sexual abuse of the child .in recent years there is many fold increase in the incidents of rape and child abuse in our society.. The innocent child is very vulnerable to these events if proper guidance is not imparted by parents and proper care is not taken of children. There are certain men in society whose p***s is in constant turmoil’s and is always in erected posture. This sexual disorder is called satyriasis .these men always in search of little girls to gratify their sexual fancies. Whenever they get the right opportunity they commit the heinous crime of rape on little girls. These men are sex hungry and sex obsessessed and their minds constantly dwell on sexual matters. It is the duty of parents to impart knowledge to their children how to avoid and escape these wolves. The children should be making to learn not to go on lonely in lone places and never to take anything if offered by some unknown’s person. It is the duty of parents not to leave alone the children even in the presence of their near or blood related relatives. You must have seen that many of such rape incidents occur when the child was left alone to the care of some one near blood relative. The sodomy crime is also on the increase. Boys must be educated against this crime and means of defending them against perpetrators of sodomy crime the rape and sodomy are good examples of child abuse in childhood. The victim of these crimes is made so terrified and threatened with dire consequences that he or she never dares to have courage to tell these horrible incidents to their parents. After the perpetration of the crime that is most suppressive and tormenting not to tell the mother or father. This incident of child abuse and the circumstances attached to these incidents so obliterate the child psychology that he or she starts from suffering from many mental diseases in later life. The psycho somatic diseases generally find their way in childhood experience.

The paediatric mind has great curiosity to day today happenings and events of life and to know more and more of them. Some children are inquisitive by nature. They go on asking to their parents in why and how manner constantly .Their inner anxiety and curiosity drives them to know events deeply and dive into to them.. Some parents get bored and annoyed by such constant bombardment of questions and queries. They forget that it is creative trait and they should make it flourish in the child personality. This trait shows that child has got extra intelligence and there is every likelihood that he may become great in life if needs of curiosity are properly addressed.

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