How Cancer Survivorís Women On Chemotherapy /hrt Have Greater Risk Potential For Cancer.?

Cancer is taking more and more toll of human life. With Every passing day cancer is taking new victims in to its prey or horrible tentacles. Those who survive after surgical operation and are on chemotherapy have to take many more drugs/ hormones or chemicals for their other complaints or ailments. After chemotherapy sessions the immunity level of suffers is so greatly lowered that even minor ailments have to be heavily dosed with medications. The immune system of such survivors suffers major blow from strong chemo drugs. When it comes to the women cancer survivors, their condition is even worse

than their counterpart men facing similar cancer conditions. There is a class of women survivors who after the surgical removal of the malignancy from their breast; has recourse to other therapies. One such therapy is hormone replacement therapy. The cancer survivor’s women who are simultaneously at the threshold of their menopause generally resort to hormonal replacement therapy to ease out the tormenting symptoms of menopause (hot flushes/ or flushes of heat) Recent researches have highlighted the inherent dangers / risk health involved in continuation of hormone replacement therapy for prolonged time in such patients. According to one such study conducted by researchers from Kings College London and published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Breast cancer survivors who undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a treatment for menopause symptoms are significantly vulnerable more likely to have their cancer recur than survivors, who do not use HRT, This research shows potential for new neoplasm growths in breast transforming to malignancy in such women cancer survivors. These Researchers followed 442 women breast cancer survivors for four or more years. The research study found a 14 percent higher recurrence rate among women in the HRT group. The research paper in its concluding note emphasized” Our results... suggest that hormone therapy not only induces and promotes breast cancer, but may also stimulate the growth
of tumor micro deposits in breast cancer survivors The risk elevation is in line with the evidence from observational studies and randomized trials that [HRT] increases the risk of breast cancer in healthy women."

These search results sound convincing in the wake of weakened vital force of the victims. The fatality of any disease may be gauged from the simple parameter how much control a particular disease gains over the immune system of the victim. The fatality or mortality rate is directly proportion to the controlling mechanism of the immune system of human body. Aids demands full control over the immune system of its victim. The lymphocytes of body find themselves helpless in the face of heavy infection of aids virus. That is why aids is considered as incurable by the modern science today.
Harmful adverse effects of HRT are coming to the fore everyday. It has substantial danger for new growths in cancer survivor’s patients. The ideosyncrancy of patients on HRT to grow more tumors is greatly enhanced as opposed to those who are not on HRT
There was a time when HRT was considered very effective to get relief from the painful symptoms accompanying menopause. It was in 2002 when HRT got a major blow and lost its magicness and flavor among menopausal women after studies were published with evidence that HRT can increase risk of breast cancer many folds The potential of this therapy to cause other life threatening conditions was also highlighted. Since than, the adverse effects of HRT have been shown and published by many health professional and researchers

What is the safe alternative to HRT?

Cancer survivor women should abandon taking HRT. HRT has potential to grow neoplasm that may mtamorphise in to malignant cells---

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