Some Natural Ways/techniques To Ward Off Panic Attacks Permanently Without Medication

Panic attack occurs when someone is overtly overwhelmed by anxiety and anguish. Panic attack is triggered when one is obsessed with some awful idea or emotion about the state of his/her health. Mostly it has been observed and confirmed many a times that the panic situation is so meager or trigger factor is so trivial but the psychic response to the situation is much exaggerated and hysterical. The exaggerated response to the meager/trivial health situation; which is of absolutely normal concern, but by the complex psychic process of the patient, triggers the panic attack. The all powerful negative thought about

health or some minor organic condition of body so occupies the mind of a person that one feels imminent danger to his life. He feels like dying instantly. He feels anxiety and anguish at heart with throbbing of heart. His mouth becomes dry and he drinks by sips. He starts perspiring on body. There is sometimes cold sweat on one’s forehead or whole body becomes icy cold. The most prominent symptom is presentation of impending death. The fear of death and anxiety of health so pre occupy one’s mind completely that the victim becomes completely listless or paralyzed momentarily. sometimes catalepsy may also trigger panic attack. When one tries to move one’s arm or leg it does not move because of cataleptic state of his muscles of the concerned organ. He anticipates it as a paralysis attack. It has been observed that some patients desire company of relatives during the panic attack. The other patients feel awfully suffocated during panic attacks .some may become asthmatic during such a panic attack and may feel dyspnoea type symptoms


It has been observed that medications prove not up to the mark, rather prove counter productive. The results are not so encouraging and convincing of using long term medications. The panic attacks are generally episodic or periodical in nature. The anti psychotic medicines totally fail to cure the recurring panic attacks. Rather these drugs create a vulnerability to future attacks by temporarily relieving some of the accompanying symptoms. These medications that have long run adverse effects on central nervous system should be avoided in the first place as far as possible. These medications do not address the main problem underlying these panic attacks. More over the habit forming and addictive nature of these tranquilizer/ sedative drugs can not be ruled out. By suppressing certain minor problems of panic attacks these may create more serious type problems of nervous system like trembling of hands and tongue or extremities or tremors of whole body. Under the strong influence of intoxication the stumbling gait can not be rules out

Some natural ways/ techniques

If instead of medications the natural means and ways are employed than one can rid of these panic attacks for good. I am suggesting you some natural treatments for panic attacks
Deep and long sighing

During full blown panic attack, try to take full and long breath by expanding your chest fully. What happens during panic attack? Actually, the supply of oxygen becomes deficient temporarily. Panic attack is crying for more oxygen in a way. When the oxygen supply is curtailed temporarily our body muscles and other tissue start withering and one feels short of breath. You must have seen the people suffering from deep hidden grief in public view, taking deep sighs. This is actual an unconscious and involuntary act or compensatory technique for deficient oxygen. Secondly, actually the panic attack is condensation or saturation of the attention on single though pertaing to disease. By any technique when this attention is diluted or taken away completely the panic

attack subsides/ disappears or looses its virulence.. Deep and long sighing is such a great technique of unquestionable value that its effects excel even the use of anti anxiety pills. Moreover it is cost effective also

During the most intense panic attack you must have seen that the patient seeks company of yours or his relatives. Why he does so? This is out of his sheer anxiety; he becomes so anxious and fearful that one’s company gives him great solace and satisfaction .when we console a weeping person he/she is instantly relieved, and stops weeping or sobbing .The same psychological mechanism works here. When during panic attacks one sees someone near him he is consoled and his anxiety level is drastically dropped leading to cessation of panic attack. So never leave the panic attack victim alone and aloof during panic attacks. This is verified and very effective tip to consider

Never at rest

Never be at rest during panic attack. Motionlessness of body during panic attack greatly or aggressively imparts to the intensity of panic attacks. To cope with the panic and anxiety feelings our body releases excess of adrenaline that makes one feel terrible. Keep on light moving in room during panic attack. This helps in lessening our fear and panic feelings to a great extent. Some patients feel if they do not walk their heart will stop beating. These patients who feel like this during panic attack; it is mandatory for them to walk during these episodes.
Splash your face with Cold Water:
If you feel that anxiety /panic symptoms are overwhelming your mind with full force and you are feeling sense of impending death and helplessness, than immediately wash your face with some cold water this will help you to calm down your mental excitement to great extent. This is like an electric or shock treatment of nervous system. The over excited nervous system will get a severe sock and come into normalcy and relaxation state besides this, also drink some water in sips. This will diminish the dryness of your mouth and tongue.
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy may prove very beneficial to the sufferers of this mental disorder. Instead of using medications ruthlessly the victim should learn how to control panic attacks? With cognitive therapy one can learn that my anxious thoughts/feelings are simply a way that my mind interprets the surroundings. How we interpret our outward relationship with the world and surroundings, it greatly depends on one’s mind culture. So we can learn whether to interpret positively or negatively. A positive and balanced approach towards life and health always diminishes our miseries and sufferings. Once we realize that many of the thoughts anxious and scary type that we are having, are just the response to the way we have learned to think with anxiety and fear. The easier it will be to transform these thoughts into positive and productive behaviors. Ultimately this type of thinking faculty / process of one’s mind will condition and train his mind into non anxious and non anticipating behavior eradicating the tendency to panic attacks for good.

Panic attacks are episodic/periodical in nature. Anti psychotic medications do more harm than good .Here is some natural ways/ techniques to adopt/adept to eradicate the tendency to panic attacks for good.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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