Five Precursory And Striking Symptoms Of Childhood Cancer

Here are five cardinals and striking symptoms of cancer of childhood that you can visualize by taking serious note of the illness. Catch the evil by its neck by identifying its symptoms. Earlier the cancer of childhood is diagnosed the better it is for child and family. .Due to negligent attitude of parents and their ignorance about the nature of cancer, when cancer is properly diagnosed in childhood it is too late. Almost in eighty percent cases of childhood cancers, the metastasis has been already occurred when it is diagnosed properly. After metastases the prognosis of malignancy is very deadly

and fatal. so be careful about the childhood diseases.

Childhood cancer is becoming and growing the major health problems of the developed as well as developing world. After accidental deaths it is the major killer diseases of child hood in USA. Its ramifications have attracted the focus and attention of governments and social advertising agencies. The media is also playing its role of educating the masses and creating a awareness about the deadly effects of cancer among the people. The governments are also fully aware of the gravity of the situation. Even the childhood cancer days is celebrated and observed to highlight the various aspects of childhood cancer with its golden ribbon symbol. Enormous amount of money is spent by agencies to create awareness among the people.
The most distressing perspective of childhood cancer is that when it gets diagnosed by qualified doctors; almost in eighty percent cases the metastasis has already been occurred. Metastasis occurs when from the primary seat of original cancer the malignant cells migrate to distant localities by way of blood or lymph and make secondaries there.
Can childhood cancer can be diagnosed and detected early so that its prognosis may not prove so bad and deadly? Yes definitely. Only small vigilance and awareness is needed on the part of the parents. What parents should do? I hereby request the parents to know these four cardinal symptoms of early cancer manifestations that are unfailing and infallible in detection of cancer. These four cardinal symptoms may be enumerated as under

• Recurrent fever of mild nature

• Pains and aches of extremities of vague nature

• Blurred vision with headache and vomiting

• Formation of lymph nodes in the body especially around neck.

• Recurrent injuries, bruises and ecchymosed skin

Recurrent fever of mild nature

In the first place fever is not characteristic symptom of cancer. It is accompanied by many and varied of infectious disease conditions. Such as: Viral fever, tonsil fever, rheumatic fever, common cold flue fever etc. It is a concomitant symptom of most of the fevers. It is the frequency and nature of fever that mattes. If the fever condition is recurrent in nature, than it should be taken seriously by parents.. The child is resorted to course of antibiotics and the fever is abated, and after few days the fever again reappears. If this process of appearing and disappearing of fever continues and goes on interrupted for months and than parents should get not only cautious and anxious but alarmed also. The blood test must be done and complete blood report must be sough, to know the nature and position of blood cells. If the blood

report shows the increased numbers of white blood corpuscles exceeding the normal range of 4000—10000 unto twenty thousand and more than it is most probable the case of blood cancer. In blood cancer there is abnormal proliferation and growth of WBC. It may go to as high as four lacs. Most probably the leukemia or blood cancer has very higher tendency of recurrent fever and infections.

Injuries and Bruises

Injuries and bruises are very common in childhood and not having very serious nature these are generally ignored or some anti inflammatory medicines are taken to ease out the inflammatory symptoms. The blows and concussion by blunt weapons to testes, ovaries, mammary glands, to head, to thies should never be taken lightly or ignored. These muscle sites are very prone to grow cancer. After blows in these sites the cells get infiltrated. The process of infiltration of tissue may go on and may convert into mass of stony hardness. Stony hardness of tumor not yielding to any pressure is sure and confirmatory symptom of many cancers. Testes and mammary gland cancers mostly develop after such blows you will see a history of blows of testes and mammary glands in a fully developed cancer of these organs.

Bone pains and aches


Long standing bone pains and muscle pains of extremities should never be ignored or lost sight of. Childhood is an age of buoyancy and energy and there should be no place for such pains. Even after violent exercises and plays there is hardly any pain in childhood. If the kid has started complaining of pains and aches in legs as if beaten or broken than it should be taken as a symptom of some deep pathology developing in child’s body. Soreness as if beaten or bruised soreness is indicative either of leukemia or of bone cancer. Under the circumstances further examination and laboratory tests must be resorted, to confirm or rule out malignancy. Bone pains are mostly precursor of blood cancer in childhood. Osteosarcoma, being the most common type of childhood cancer Osteosarcoma most often occurs in the long bones around the knee but it can occur in any bone of body. The affected knee may feel stiff and some problems may erupt in stretching the leg and knee. Swelling, tenderness and redness may occur around the affected area of bone and child may start limping.


Blurred vision

In old age there are many factors for the blurred vision to occur but in childhood if it occurs and the child skips letters while reading than suspicion must be arisen in your mind for some deep pathological changes in nervous system. Constant severe type of headache together with blurred vision and vomiting are generally precursors of childhood brain cancer. All these are reflex symptoms created by the tumor mass. They are not primary in nature but are reflex from irritation of some tissues of brain involvement..



Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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