Multi Health Benefits Of Cool Cucumber

Cool cucumber is not simple vegetable only. It has multi health benefits also.

Vegetables and fruits are valuable gift of nature to mankind. In recent times their health benefits have been researched extensively. Researches have found that fruits and vegetables have great potential to combat chronic diseases. They contain many immunity enhancing and disease combating properties.. Most of the fruits and vegetables contain ani oxidant properties.. These can provide god viable alternative to chemical drugs which have many adverse effects.

Cucumber belongs to the plant family cucurbitaceous family; . In recent decades researches on the chemical composition and its juice have

brought this ignored vegetable in to lime light. The yoga guru Ramdev has highlighted many immunity enhancing properties of cucumber. People have started using this vegetable extensively in their lives. From being anti oxidant it has also malignancy fighting properties also

It has special use in summer season when hot winds blow and the mercury goes above 40...its juice and vegetable is very refreshing. Its juice and vegetable is most readily digested. It has very soothing effect on


Its diuretic properties ha also been well established. .here it is very useful for the health of kidneys. It may be aptly called the natural vegetable lasix.. Patients whose kidney health is badly damaged or compromised due to increased level of creatinine and blood urea. Cucumber has great potential to provide relief with lowering of creatinine level. We should use it regularly for long time to obtain good results it is natural blood cleanser. Kidney patients should eat cucumber in plenty and should take lot of juice of cucumber. Its juice is cheap as compared to other juices .It is a very rich source of potassium, an important intracellular electrolyte. It helps reduce blood pressure. It also counters bad effects of sodium.

Cucumber is natural store house of folate,, manganese , potassium,..Sulphur, vitamins c and B6 It can prevent loss of hair from scalp.
It is a very good source of potassium, an important intracellular electrolyte


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